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HAWK Identity Verification and Fraud Alerts

Quickly and accurately verify a customer’s identity and reduce risk with our trusted verification solution

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Confidently verify a customer’s identity with our effective ID verification solution

HAWK ID Verification serves as TransUnion’s basic identity verification service which enables you to instantly and confidently verify an ID number, name and surname. HAWK ID Verification is usually coupled with a consumer or principal enquiry, but is also available in a bulk format.

HAWK Advantage is an add-on to the basic identity verification which includes address and telephone frequency, as well as inappropriate information relating to the specified ID number. Addresses and telephone numbers are verified and checked against TransUnion’s database. If an address submitted for an individual actually belongs to a university, it will be flagged as inappropriate. Also, the frequency of use of an address or telephone number in relation to enquiries will also be flagged. For example, if a specific address is used five times within two hours for enquiries, an alert will be generated.

In addition to the above, we offer HAWK Fraud Alerts which notify you when an ID or information pertaining to an ID has been listed as being associated with fraudulent activity such as a stolen ID.

HAWK Identity Verification

Streamline the acquisition process

HAWK ID Verification is available via multiple channels and can be used with a consumer enquiry to instantly gauge the status of a customer’s ID, (i.e., verified, deceased, surname does not match to ID, ID has never been issued, etc.).

Clean up your debtor’s book with HAWK Identity Verification

Maintaining the status of customers on your debtor’s or collections book can be a cumbersome task. This solutions allows you to clean up your debtor’s book and identify deceased customers. This will assist in debtor’s book management or collections prioritisation.

Product Highlights
  • Verify an ID number, name and surname instantly

  • Identify fraudulent or stolen IDs through HAWK Alerts

  • Telephone and address frequency assist with detecting fraudulent information

  • Manage collections prioritisation or debtor books by identifying deceased records

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