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Mobile Risk Indicator

Be more effective at screening customers and identifying fraudulent applications by vetting cell phone numbers

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Effectively detect and prevent mobile device fraud

With TransUnion’s Mobile Risk Indicator (MRI) solution, businesses can identify potentially fraudulent customers based on their mobile phone usage patterns. This solution is unique in that it enables you to analyse and cross-reference mobile data obtained from multiple sources, then objectively make an informed referral decision at the time of application. MRI can also help with your collections by filtering known non-fraudulent non-payers from undetected fraudulent accounts.

Fraud Prevention

Use Mobile Risk Indicator to combat fraud and maximise the fraud suspect rate

Highlight any abnormal behaviour by customers in relation to their current mobile phone usage and conduct. This gives you a valuable lead when making business, credit or risk decisions during various stages of the customer lifecycle.

Proactively monitor your existing client base

The Mobile Risk Indicator solution is available in batch, allowing you to run your customer base regularly through this solution, helping you detect changes in information that may be fraudulent or a potential account takeover.

Product Highlights
  • Analyse and cross-reference mobile data

  • Improve fraud detection and loss ratios

  • Prioritise credit applications

  • Minimise referral rates

  • Improve the fraud suspect rate

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