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Supplier Management

Securely onboard new and proactively manage existing suppliers and the risk associated with their businesses

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Mitigate risk and promote healthy business growth and continuity with better insight into supplier risk

Delivering high quality products and services is key to your business’s success, and in order to do so, you need reliable and established suppliers. Having insight into your supplier’s financial information, associated risk within their industry and macroeconomic trends can help you better manage risk and make timely decisions. Whether you’re re-evaluating existing or looking to sign up new suppliers, understanding their risk profiles can mean the difference between a business’s success and failure.

Enhanced supplier insight and management can prove imperative for financial success

Supplier Management Services

Easily identify whether a supplier is a legal entity. Check their past financial performance, BBBEE status and whether they are registered for VAT. This helps you evaluate supplier risk and better understand their business’s capability.

Supplier Governance Services

Managing certification and other documents from suppliers can be a resource intensive and time-consuming task. Yet, the value in doing so is significant and helps you mitigate risk, increase profits and comply with legislation.

Supplier Risk and Business Partner Risk

Protect the reputation of your business by knowing who you’re aligning with. Assess your suppliers and business partners upfront and receive automatic alerts of any changes that may affect your relationship.

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Product Highlights
  • Access supplier’s latest, up-to-date contact information

  • Check supplier’s legality in terms of compliance and regulation (BBBEE compliance, Workman's compensation, ISO certification, tax clearance certificates, relevant licenses, etc.*)

  • Confirm and obtain most recent BBBEE certification, CIPC and VAT registration information

  • Review supplier’s financial standing and payment behaviour

  • Make informed, subjective trade decisions

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