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Voice Biometrics

Successfully combat fraud and improve service by allowing customers to use their voice as their password

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Confidently authenticate customers using voice biometrics

TransUnion partnered with a local voice biometrics company to bring you a solution that allows individuals to use their voice as their password by identifying a person’s unique natural voice patterns. This in turn allows TransUnion’s customers to boost their security and create an enhanced user experience and service differentiator. Voice biometrics can be offered in two ways: active or passive. Active verification verifies a speaker’s identity based on voiceprints acquired during an interaction with Interactive Voice Response (IVR), web or mobile applications. Passive verification transparently identifies speakers and identifies known fraudsters during the course of natural conversation.

Effectively authenticate customers using faceless channels with voice biometric services

Caller Authentication

Remotely authenticate an individual through existing Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Call Centre channels. This solution accelerates the existing processes by replacing current time-consuming ‘Question and Answer’ methodologies.

Automated password and log in reset

Automatically and safely enable password resets and logins by verifying an individual’s voice pattern using an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or call centre channel.

Product Highlights
  • Authenticate an individual by using their voice

  • Eliminate the need for manual authentication processes

  • Increase efficiencies within telephony channels

  • Make use of multiple channel applications

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