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Your identity and good name is valuable

True Identity Offering

Credit is an attractive target for identity thieves, who can use stolen personal information such as your ID number to fraudulently get credit for themselves. When this line of credit is not paid, your credit score is negatively affected. Resolving these kinds of identity theft incidents can take months and could result in all kinds of unplanned expenses.

That’s why we offer you TrueIdentity a unique product offering with powerful features focused on addressing the challenges of identity theft. Our mission is to empower you to understand and manage your personal information. TrueIdentity gives you just that - information and tools to detect identity-related threats and if needs be, a way to get help to recover from them..

ID Monitor

Receive email or sms alerts when your personal information is detected on the dark web. To read more, click here

ID Restore

Get expert forensic investigator help if your identity is stolen. To read more, click here

ID Recover

Get the benefits of identity theft insurance cover to help recovery from identity theft. To read more, click here

Credit Report PLUS Alerts and Score

Get unlimited access to your full credit report & score, and receive credit alerts when critical changes such an enquiry or negative update occurs on your TransUnion credit report. Make use of our value added tools such as Debt Analysis and Score Reasons to gain more insights into your credit status.

Product Highlights
  • Track changes to your TransUnion credit profile with credit alerts

  • Monitor the dark web for breaches of your personal details

  • Get help to recover and restore your identity and related credit profile

  • Get help to deal with the consequences of identity theft with our insurance benefit

  • Get full access to your credit report & score, and value added tools