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credit behaviour

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Mitigate risk and expand consumer reach with confidence

image showing Holistic customer views

Holistic customer views

CreditVision Link uses alternative data to give you deeper insights and a more complete customer picture. With a greater understanding of the future behaviour of thin-file and credit-invisible segments, you’re better able to offer the right products on the right terms.

Increased predictability

Combining Credit Vision Link with traditional credit data scoring solutions can improve the risk predictability of thin-file consumers by up to 25%.

image showing Increased predictability
image showing Identify consumers in financial distress

Identify consumers in financial distress

Debt relief strategies implemented during the COVID-19 crisis have influenced delinquency data. This means past delinquency behaviour is no longer a strong predictor of future behaviour — particularly for consumers who applied for debt relief. CreditVision Link helps identify these consumers.

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