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Online Trace Alerts

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Improve tracing efforts and increase effectiveness for collections and fraud prevention

When you can’t locate a consumer with the contact information you have, you assume a higher credit risk as each day passes. TransUnion’s Online Trace Alerts allow you to tap into superior and accurate information to reduce your risk.

Instant notifications from this solution allow you to take immediate action on consumer data changes that affect your business. Insight into these changes enables improved collection and disbursement of funds processes, as well as increased effectiveness in fraud detection.

One product, multiple benefits to your business

Online Trace Alerts for collections and disbursement of funds

If a traced consumer applies for credit using different contact information, you’ll receive an email with the new information. This ensures you’ve got the latest, updated contact information for use in your collections or disbursement processes.

Online Trace Alerts for fraud prevention

If a consumer’s ID is lost or stolen, an alert can be loaded. This allows you to be notified if a fraudster tries to use that ID to apply for credit.

Product Highlights
  • Be notified via email as soon as a consumer’s contact information changes

  • Seamlessly amend and deactivate alerts online

  • Set up alerts to simultaneously notify multiple email recipients

  • Load trace alerts in bulk or against a specific consumer

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